Tilden Law represents juvenile clients in all Central Florida Courts including Orange County, Orlando, Seminole County, Volusia County and Osceola County

We are often asked the question, “Do I need to hire a juvenile defense lawyer to represent my child charged with a crime?” When you consider the life-long consequences of a juvenile criminal record, the answer is obvious. Many parents do not realize that a juvenile charge can negatively impact their child’s future education opportunities among other things.

In 2016, Orange County, Florida recorded some 6,547 juvenile arrests. In fact Orange County, Florida exceeded all other Florida counties in the number of juvenile arrests.

Common Juvenile Crimes under Florida Law

  • Juvenile Trespass
  • Juvenile Serious Traffic Violations
  • Juvenile Assault/Battery
  • Juvenile Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage
  • Juvenile Drug Possession/Sale/Manufacturing
  • Juvenile Possession of Marijuana/Cannabis
  • Juvenile Vandalism
  • Juvenile Burglary of Vehicle, Unoccupied Structure or Conveyance
  • Juvenile Criminal Mischief
  • Juvenile Theft / Shoplifting
  • Juvenile Violation of Probation

Get an attorney involved in the case early

The best opportunity to convince the State Attorney to abandon the prosecution of your child charged with a juvenile crime is early representation. Even if charges have already been brought and the case is set for hearing, an experienced juvenile defense lawyer can help steer the case to a positive outcome. Reviewing evidence for inconsistencies and weakness, interviewing witnesses for positive client information, talking with the arresting officer and State Attorney to reduce or dismiss criminal charges are all important tools that can lead to a positive case outcome.

Penalties For Juvenile Crimes in Florida

The punishment for juvenile offenses will depend on several factors; whether the child has prior juvenile charges, the severity of the crime committed, etc. Some of the consequences facing a juvenile charged with a crime include:

  • Juvenile Detention
  • Community Service
  • Driver License Suspension
  • House Arrest
  • Drug Dependency Screening, Testing and Counseling
  • House Arrest

Defense Attorney for Juvenile Cases in Orlando and Seminole County, FL

With over 20 years of Juvenile criminal defense experience, attorney Fleet Tilden dedicates a significant part of his practice to defending juveniles accused with crimes in all Central Florida courts. As a former Assistant State Attorney and local prosecutor, Fleet understands the prosecutions perspective in each case and utilizes his experience in order to achieve a positive outcome in each juvenile case.

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