Why Tilden Law Firm?

We are frequently asked by prospective clients “What sets you and your law firm apart from other Orlando Criminal Defense Attorneys?” This is a question that should be asked of EVERY lawyer and law firm before being hired by a client. What you can expect at the Law Office of N. Fleetwood Tilden, P.A.:

Results for our Clients:

The bottom line for every client is achieving results. From the time of the initial meeting with our clients through the conclusion of the case, we are focused on ascertaining the expectations of our clients and preparing a defense designed to achieve the desired results.

Know your Judge:

Every Judge in every jurisdiction has a unique way he or she runs their courtroom. By recognizing and understanding characteristic and rulings specific to the individual criminal court judge, our clients are better positioned to resolve a case and achieve their desired case result. We practice before all Orange County Judges and Seminole County Judges in both Felony and Misdemeanor criminal courts.

Know your Prosecutor:

Just as it is important as knowing the individual likes and dislikes of your judge, it is equally important to know the characteristics of the Assistant State Attorney prosecuting your case. We confine our practice to only Central Florida criminal courts and make it our business to get to know each prosecutor opposing our clients. In so doing, our clients are positioned to achieve optimum results.

Knowing our Clients:

Recognizing that each client’s needs and desires are unique, we devote all necessary time and attention to all or our clients to ensure a proper result. From the initial office conference through the conclusion of the case, we are ever mindful of our client’s desires and expectations and work to achieve results.

Always Available to Our Clients:

We understand the importance of being available to our clients to answer questions, deliver information and give reassurance. We believe that clients should be able to contact us regardless of whether it’s after normal office hours.

Continued Legal Education:

As a practicing attorney licensed in Florida, we are required to participate in legal seminars, law field coursework materials, etc. aimed to better serve my clients. Our firm meets and/or exceeds these requirements by attending criminal seminars each year focusing on areas designed to achieve superior results.

Stay Current on Local Law Changes:

Every Judge rules on criminal cases and evidence individually. It is imperative to stay current with each Judge’s rulings on similar facts, crimes and case types as our client’s. By doing so, we position ourselves to better represent our client’s in achieving their desired results.

Criminal Law Specific Seminars:

By attending and participating in Local, State and National criminal law seminars, we are able to stay current on legal trends and network with other similarly experienced Criminal Defense attorneys to better serve our clients.

Criminal Law Organizations:

Member in good standing with The Florida Bar Criminal Law Section, Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National College of DUI Defense and others organizations allows us to take advantage of networking with other Criminal Defense attorneys thereby benefiting our clients.

Contact the criminal defense firm Tilden Law to schedule a free confidential case evaluation. Out of state clients are welcome, and weekend and evening appointments are available.