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Seminole County Prostitution Arrest

TILDEN LAW represents clients in all Central Florida courts accused of Soliciting for Prostitution charges. If you are facing a Prostitution charge or a Seminole County or other related charge, call our office for a free case evaluation, 407 599-1234.

Seminole County frequently has sting operations targeting prostitution crimes.  In Florida, solicitation for prostitution is the encouraging, bribing, requesting, or commanding a person to commit a crime.  In other words, cases of solicitation for prostitution or assignation is simply asking another to engage in a sex act in exchange for money.   Solicitation for prostitution is a misdemeanor (for first time offenses) under Florida Law. It should be noted that it is not necessary for money to exchange hands, only the offer of money needs to be made.  Also, it is not a requirement that the actual sexual act is committed, or that the person solicited actually be willing or able to commit the crime of prostitution (for example an undercover law enforcement officer conducting a Prostitution Sting operation).

If you have been charged with Prostitution or Soliciting forProstitution in Seminole County or Orlando courts and are seeking aggressive representation, contact TILDEN LAW at (407) 599-1234 for a free case evaluation to determine whether you case can qualify for a dismissal of criminal charges.

Fleet Tilden, Esq.
Fleet Tilden, Esq.
Beginning in 1923, attorney John Tilden, Esq. established his law practice in Downtown Orlando with a full service law firm serving Central Florida residents. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, attorney N. Fleetwood Tilden, Esq. began his Central Florida law practice after graduating from law school in 1993. After a career as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting Central Florida criminal cases, the Law Office of Tilden Law was established. Practicing exclusively Criminal Defense, Mr. Tilden has handled over 5,000 criminal cases.