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Domestic Violence Bond Conditions – More often than not, when someone is arrested on the accusation of a domestic violence charge, the court will impose several unpleasant conditions of release from jail.  These domestic violence bond conditions will be associated with either bond, pretrial release or being released on recognizance.  These release conditions may include: (1)  No return to the primary residence where the victim resides.  If the parties share a residence, the person accused of domestic violence in Seminole County will be required to find alternative housing until your domestic violence defense attorney can file the proper motion to rescind this condition.  (2) No hostile or non-consensual contact with the victim.  This means if you are allowed to have contact with the alleged victim but only so long as that person wishes your contact.  If that person requests to be left alone, failure to comply may result in your re-arrest and bond revocation.  (3)   No victim contact and or no contact with minor children.  No contact means just that, absolutely no direct or indirect contact is permitted. This includes email, text, mail, phone and third party messages.  Violation of this condition will revoke release and a no bond hold placed. (4) Placement on a GPS monitor with exclusionary zone. At your expense, you will be fitted with a GPS device that will be monitored to ensure you do not go within the zone outlined by the judge.   Many if not all of these conditions can be removed as conditions of release if petitioned by your attorney.

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Fleet Tilden, Esq.
Fleet Tilden, Esq.
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