Prescription Drug Possession Orlando

Obtaining a prescription medication by deception or fraud or possessing a prescription drug not prescribed by a licensed physician is becoming more commonly prosecuted in Florida criminal courts. These cases are always prosecuted as felony crimes and carry significant and long-lasting consequences.

Most prescriptions are falsely obtained by individuals who have become medication dependent as a result of an accident or injury. At Tilden Law, our prescription drug defense attorneys represent clients who are charged with both possession of Marijuana and Cocaine and sale of marijuana and cocaine. These two charges comprise the majority of all criminal drug prosecutions. Mr. Tilden is a former Central Florida Prosecutor, Tilden Law focuses its practice on defending clients charged marijuana and cocaine possession in Orlando, Orange County and Seminole County, Florida. Regardless of whether your case is a complex felony drug transaction cases or straight forward misdemeanor marijuana possession charges, no case is too big or too small. Our defense of your drug case is focused on achieving results and ultimately a dismissal of your case. Visit Case Wins to see Tilden Law’s success in defending our clients.

Contact our Orlando drug defense law firm for aggressive and experienced marijuana and cocaine possession defense. A proper resolution of your case can lead to an Expungement or Sealing of your criminal case.

Tilden Law – Protecting Your Future

Our drug defense attorneys recognize the potential negative impact a drug conviction can have on your record. A conviction in Florida for possessing or attempting to possess a prescription medication without a valid prescription can have a serious impact on your future. Our defense strategies are designed to prevent the following from happening to you:

  • 2 Year Driver License Suspension
  • Permanent Criminal Record
  • Loss of Employment
  • Loss of Professional Licenses
  • Rejection on Mortgage and Apartment Applications
  • Civil Forfeiture of Property including your Vehicle and Money
  • Inability to Expunge or Seal Criminal Records
  • Jail or Prison
  • Loss of College Scholarships
  • Denial of College Admission

Defending Your Orlando, Florida Prescription Drug Cases

The attorneys at Tilden Law draw on their collective legal experience to formulate defense techniques and strategies to position your case for a favorable resolution. Every case is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Whether the evidence is legally sufficient to convict
  • Whether the initial contact with law enforcement legal
  • Whether you were properly detained and searched
  • Whether the Prescription drugs was found on your person
  • Whether you were read your rights prior to questioning

Prescription Drug Charge Penalties/Sentences

Florida law enforcement agencies and courts use a heavy hand in disciplining individuals accused of drug possession. Here are some of the specific court penalties if convicted:
Possession of Unauthorized Prescription Drugs Under Trafficking Level: 3rd Degree Felony. Up to 5 years prison, $5,000.00 fine, 5 years probation, 2 year driver license suspension, vehicle/property forfeiture, drug dependency screening and counseling.
Possession of Unauthorized Prescription Drugs – Trafficking Level: Up to 1st Degree Felony. Mandatory Prison, court fines, probation, 2 year driver license suspension, vehicle/property forfeiture, drug dependency screening and counseling.

Illegal prescription drug cases, regardless of level, should never be handled by general criminal practice attorneys. It takes years of specialized Drug Defense training to properly represent the rights of a client arrested for possession of illegal prescription drugs. Attorney N. Fleetwood Tilden is in his 15th year of criminal Drug Defense practice and is a former Central Florida narcotics Prosecutor and has handled over 1,000 criminal drug cases.
If you have been accused or criminally charged with a Florida drug crime, please Contact the Orlando prescription drug defense firm of Tilden Law for a free case evaluation. Visit Case Wins to see Tilden Law’s success in defending our clients.