Florida Sex Crimes/Prostitution

We recognize that any accusation or charge involving sex can have a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of our clients. Because of the nature of sex charges and the potential media attention that almost all types of sex crime charges bring about, Florida law is harsh in dealing with convicted sex offenders. Tilden Law has a proven record of success defending clients accused of a soliciting for prostitution, lewd conduct in public or sexual assault in both Orange and Seminole County courts.

Soliciting for Prostitution

Solicitation for prostitution involves two or more individuals offering to engage in conversation where sex acts are offered in exchange for money or something of value. Orange County and Seminole County law enforcement agencies routinely engage in prostitution sting operations where unknowing people are engaged in conversation by an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute.

Whenever a criminal investigation involves the use of undercover police officers, entrapment defenses must be considered. We draw on our experience as a former Central Florida prosecutor to evaluate the facts of each case to identify and challenge those cases involving illegal conduct by law enforcement. Our entrapment evaluation includes determining whether:

  • The person was urged and induced to solicit an act of prostitution or solicitation by the police
  • The idea of solicitation or prostitution began with the police and not with the defendant
  • Before the police urged and induced the defendant to commit an act of prostitution or solicitation, they were not predisposed to do so

Lewd Acts in Public

Individuals charged with lewd public acts are often charged as a result of sting operations conducted by law enforcement. Typically, arrests are a result of recorded conversations with law enforcement and take place in public restrooms, public parks or other areas open to the general public. Many of the same entrapment issues in solicitation cases are also present in lewd acts cases.

Experience Matters

Attorney N. Fleetwood Tilden is in his 15th year of criminal trial practice and is a former Central Florida Prosecutor experienced in handling hundreds of sex related cases. Regardless of whether this is your first criminal charge or if you have been accused and prosecuted for a sex related case in the past, our defense strategy is focused on achieving results and ultimately a dismissal or reduction of your case.

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