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Violations of Probation – VOP – Violation of Community Control – Early Probation Termination.

Being charged with violation of probation or violation of community control is a serious matter. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you could be faced with being arrested and held in jail without bond until your violation is resolved. The Orlando criminal defense firm of Tilden Law represents clients facing violation of probation (VOP) charges and violation of community control charges in Orlando, Orange County and Sanford, Seminole County.

Criminal Defense Attorney, N. Fleetwood Tilden, is a former Central Florida Prosecutor who has spent the last 15 years practicing criminal law and has successfully represented and been involved in excess of 250 violation of probation, violation of community control and petitions for early termination of probation cases in Orlando, Orange County courts and Sanford, Seminole County courts.

Tilden Law represents clients on all probation matters throughout the Central Florida area, with a focus on VOP cases in Orange County and Seminole County and the surrounding cities of Winter Park, Orlando, Maitland, Sanford, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, Apopka, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Oviedo, Fern Park, Casselberry and others. We are available 24 hours to answer questions and provide advice.


Many violations of probation “VOP” warrants provide for no bond/bail. In many cases where there is no bond/bail, our firm will prepare and file a “Motion to Set Bond” and petition for release on behalf of clients who are in jail custody. When deciding to grant bond, many courts consider some of the following factors:

  • How long has the person lived in the area?
  • Is the person employed and does he/she have a job if released?
  • Are there family members living locally?
  • Will you promise to appear at all court proceedings?
  • Is there a significant criminal history?
  • What amount of bond will you be able to reasonably afford?

There are two types of probation conditions, General probation conditions and Special probation conditions.
Every probation sentence carries the same General Probation conditions:

  • Report timely to probation
  • Submission of monthly probation reporting
  • Do not violate any state or federal laws while on probation
  • Do not move from your pre-approved place of residence without prior consent from a probation officer
  • Maintain consistent employment or enroll as a full time student school

Special Probation conditions will relate to the underlying charge and can include:

  • Not to consume or possess alcohol while on probation
  • Complete court ordered driving classes and DUI schools
  • Complete community service as part of probation
  • Complete court ordered counseling as part of probation
  • Payment of restitution to a victim during probation


  • YOU have the RIGHT TO A LAWYER
  • The Probationer must be given notice of the general probation condition or special probation conditions that are alleged to have been violated. – The Probationer has the right to challenge the allegations contained in the violation of probation affidavit and have a formal hearing before a judge.
  • If the underlying allegation is a “new law” or Substantive violation, the Probationer has the right to question and cross-examine the officer making the claim.
  • The Probationer has the right to present a defense and call his/her own witnesses to dispute the charge.

If you are found guilty, you can be sentenced to the maximum penalty you faced on the underlying charge that placed you on probation, including jail or prison. It is important that you have competent legal counsel.


In Florida there are two common types of Probation Violations:

  • Substantive violations – a substantive probation violation is the most significant type of probation violation. Substantive violations occur when the Probationer is accused of committing a new law violation or where the Probationer is arrested for a new crime.
  • Technical violations – a technical violation of probation occurs when the Probationer fails to complete a condition such as community service or court ordered driving classes or willfully violates a condition of his probation.


At the Criminal defense firm of Tilden Law, an experienced violation of probation attorney reviews each individual case and prepare legal defenses specific to the client and the violation allegation. By drawing on over 15 years of criminal law experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of Florida laws governing probation violation charges. Our ultimate goal is to keep our clients out of jail, terminating probation early or reinstating probation.


Orlando Criminal Defense firm Tilden Law helps numerous clients each year petition for and achieve early termination of probation. Probation is a tool utilized by the courts to monitor individuals who have resolved a criminal case to make sure a judicial sentence is being completed timely. Every individual placed on probation is entitled to request early termination of their probation, regardless of whether the judge who originally imposed the sentence stated otherwise at the time of the case conclusion.

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