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Orlando Airport Tollbooth Attendant Steals Money

An Orlando International Airport tollbooth operator has been arrested Friday for allegedly stealing money from airport customers who parked at the airport.  Susanna Harutyunyan, 43, of Orlando, faces three fraud charges, including swindling people to obtain property, possessing the identification of another person without consent and fraudulent use of a pay card scanning device.

Harutyunyan worked at the airport as an employee of Ampco, a parking-management company as a tollbooth operator.  An investigation started when a CitiBank investigator notified Orlando police that he believed there to be 17 separate acts of fraud on customer’s charge cards that all used the Orlando International Airport parking.   

According to the investigation, it is alleged that the employee was using a credit-card scanning device to skim money from unsuspecting customers.  When police initially spoke to Harutyunyan, she told them her boyfriend, Artavazd Grigoryan, had sent the device to her and told her to use it to charge her cell phone earpiece, according to the arrest affidavit.  Ultimately, Harutyunyan admitted that she was swiping the credit cards and writing information about them for her boyfriend, according to the affidavit. She told police that she knew her actions were wrong, but did them for her boyfriend because she was in love.

The CitiBank investigator told deputies that the bank has reimbursed the credit-card holders’ account $2,926.73. The investigator also said he expects to press charges.

Fleet Tilden, Esq.
Fleet Tilden, Esq.
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