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April 18, 2015
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Speed Trap

Winter Park Criminal Defense Lawyer – Flashing High Beams to Warn Drivers of Police Speed traps is Legal

We have all done it.  As we pass a police officer using radar to trap unsuspecting drivers in oncoming traffic, a flash of the bright beam headlights is used to warn of the possible speeding ticket.  This practice has long been frowned upon by police who make the argument that the warning of police ahead using speed control radar is an interference with them doing their job.  The Federal court however, disagrees.  A Federal Justice in Missouri decided that the use of high beams to warn others of police activity is protected speech under the United States Constitutions First Amendment.

Tony Rothert, legal director of the ACLU’s Missouri chapter states that the judge’s ruling is a civil rights victory for motorists.  “When someone is communicating in a public street, [he is] expressing [himself] in a way that’s protected by the First Amendment,” Rothert said. “Unless there is a strong reason why the government should be allowed to censor that speech, the police shouldn’t be stopping or prosecuting people because of the content of their speech.”

One caveat: You are permitted to use your high beam headlights at night only when you are more than 500 feet away from oncoming vehicles and 300 feet of vehicles you are following.

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