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Florida DUI Hardship License Eligibility Review

DUI arrest

DUI Lawyer Orlando, Fla.  – Florida drunk driving laws have recently changed to allow eligible drivers the opportunity to continue driving legally while subject to a DUI driver license suspension.  The formal review ten day rule will still remain in effect.  The Florida legislature recognized that in order to maintain employment, those arrested for in Florida for a alcohol related driving offense needed to continue driving.  Thus was born the “Request for Eligibility Review”.  The Florida Bureau of Administrative Reviews is a division of the The State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle department that handles all Florida hardship driver license issues.

All drivers arrested in Florida for first offense DUI who are seeking to challenge the suspension will still be given the opportunity to request a formal review hearing. Drivers who do not wish to challenge the suspension but desire a hardship driver license will have the opportunity to request a review to determine eligibility for an immediate hardship license that will allow driving for the entire suspension period.  There are several requirements:

  • Appear at the Bureau in the county of arrest within 10 calender days from the date on the DUI ticket
  • File a Request for Eligibility Review at the Bureau of Administrative Review in person
  • Pay a filing fee of $25
  • Have no prior alcohol related offenses
  • Enroll in DUI school providing proof of enrollment and DUI course payment

Assuming all requirements for eligibility are satisfied, the driver will be issued a hardship license on the spot that will last for 6 to 12 months depending on the length of the underlying suspension.  I am happy to provide additional information and answer your questions regarding your Florida DUI case and driver license.

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