Charged With Driving on Suspended License in Orlando

At the Criminal Defense firm Tilden Law, we concentrate our representation on achieving superior results in criminal court and restoring/reinstating our client’s driver’s license. Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer N. Fleetwood Tilden, represents clients in Seminole County (Sanford) on Suspended License cases and Orange County (Orlando) on Suspended License cases.

Driving “While License Suspended or Revoked” (“DWLSR” “DWLS”) is perhaps the most common criminal traffic charge prosecuted in Florida state court. The penalties and sentence associated with a conviction for driving on a suspended license can be significant. If you’ve been charged with driving on a suspended license in Orlando or throughout Central Florida, contact the Orlando Suspended License lawyers at Tilden Law to schedule a free case evaluation.

What Causes Driver License Suspensions in Orlando?

In Florida, driver license suspensions are imposed for the following reasons:

  • DUI Charges
  • Points on Driver’s License
  • Failure to Pay Child Support
  • Failure to Pay a Ticket
  • Failure to Pay a Judgment
  • Failure to Appear in Court
  • Habitual Traffic Offender “HTO”
  • Conviction for Drug Charge
  • Conviction for Theft

How Long Will My License Suspension Last?

Listed below is a chart of offenses and corresponding Florida driver license suspension periods:

  • Drunk Driving Arrest
  • Reckless Driving 3x within 12 Months
  • Habitual Traffic Offender
  • Possession Controlled Substance
  • Failure to Pay Child Support
  • Failure to Pay Citation
  • Theft/Shoplifting
  • Gas and Go (stealing gasoline)
  • Failure to Render Aid at an Accident
  • Use of Vehicle in Prostitution
  • 12 Points in 12 Months
  • 18 Points in 18 Months
  • 24 Points in 36 Months
  • Graffiti

Duration of Suspension

  • 6 Months to Lifetime License Suspension
  • Driver License Revoked Indefinitely
  • 5 Year Driver License Suspension
  • 2 Year Driver License Suspension
  • Driver License Suspended (Until Paid)
  • Driver License Suspended (Until Paid)
  • Driver License Suspension 6 to 12 Months
  • Driver License Suspension 6 to 12 Months
  • Driver License Revoked Indefinitely
  • Driver License Revoked Indefinitely
  • 30 Day License Suspension
  • 90 Day License Suspension
  • 1 Year License Suspension
  • 1 Year Driver License Suspension

Tilden Law focuses its efforts on (1) minimizing any potential criminal penalties and (2) helping our clients petition to obtain a valid Florida drivers license. Read about our Court Wins.

Driving on Suspended License Penalties and Sentences

Tilden Law utilizes proven defense techniques designed to achieve maximum results. We recognize the importance of every client’s driving privilege and focus our fight on restoring this privilege.

Florida Statute Section 322.34 governs criminal license suspension charges and DWLSR sentences and penalties. Driving while license suspended or revoked crimes can be charged and prosecuted in both misdemeanor and felony courts. The facts of each case and the individual’s prior driving record will dictate the level of prosecution.

Misdemeanor DWLSR charges can result in a criminal conviction and permanent criminal record. Sentences can range from no jail up to a maximum 1 year county jail, up to 1 year supervised probation, $1,000.00 fine, community service, 5 year license suspension/revocation, court ordered classes, ignition interlock device and more.

Felony DWLSR charges can result in a permanent felony criminal record and conviction. If convicted, a criminal record expunction or sealing may be unavailable. Sentences can range up to five (5) years state prison, $5,000.00, five (5) years probation, forfeiture of your vehicle, substance abuse courses, community service and more.

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