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Central Florida Drug Bust Nets Snakes

Volusia County Sheriff’s officers made a surprising find while conducting a raid on a local residence.  Dozens of snakes, monitor lizards and other creatures were located in the home of James Walsh.  Walsh, 51, was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana, a felony and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Along with the arrest, Walsh was issued several citations by officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for  improper storage of a venomous reptile, possession of a venomous reptile without a permit and possession of a species of concern.

Two other people who were in the home when a search warrant was served may face charges, according to the sheriff’s department.  The raid came after an investigation into drug activity at the home that last several months.

Agents seized 13 marijuana plants, almost 50 grams of cultivated marijuana, a sawed-off shotgun and narcotics paraphernalia such as smoking devices and rolling paper and an array of growing equipment that included fans, lights and plant chemicals, Davidson said.

Three of the plants were found inside the house, while the other 10 were growing on a patio deck in the rear of the home, placed among tomato plants to conceal them from view.

Agents found 26 snakes – some as long as 14 feet – kept throughout the house in aquariums, glass cases and storage tubs.  Five of snakes – a rattlesnake, a water moccasin and three vipers – were venomous and were among 11 snakes seized by the wildlife officers.

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