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September 26, 2015

Marijuana Possession Decriminalized in Florida Cities

Possession of Marijuana – The Key West, Florida City Commission has voted unanimously to approve […]
May 24, 2015

Judge Dismisses Domestic Violence Charge Against Ray Rice

Domestic Violence charges were dismissed earlier this week by a New Jersey Judge after Ray […]
May 20, 2015

Orange County to Refund Some Red-Light Camera Ticket Fines

It’s all a matter of timing.  After a citizens complaint, Orange County traffic engineers checked […]
September 10, 2014

Alligator Caught in Salt Water Off Sharky’s Pier

Venice, Florida — Yes, alligators do swim in salt water.  Sharky’s Pier in Venice, Florida […]
September 10, 2014

Florida Burglar Falls Asleep in Homeowner’s Bed

Sarasota, Florida – What shouldn’t you do while burglarizing a home?  Fall asleep in the […]
August 12, 2014

Excessive Force by Police – 5 Deputies Suspended

  Ocala, Florida – Five Marion County sheriff’s deputies have been suspended after the agency found […]