1st Offense DUI – Orlando

The DUI laws in the state of Florida are severe and the repercussions to your personal and professional life are often long lasting. Even a 1st offense DUI conviction in Florida carries significant criminal and administrative penalties. Tilden Law has a proven track record of successfully representing 1st time DUI clients. If you are interested in avoiding some or all of the criminal and administrative penalties normally associated with a DUI conviction, Contact Tilden Law for a free initial case evaluation and visit our DUI Case Wins page to see our success rate in representing clients like you.

1st Time DUI – Our DUI Defense Strategy

As with every DUI charge regardless of level, Tilden Law files a formal request for information with the Office of the State Attorney requiring the prosecution to copy our office with all documents and evidence relating to your case (including DUI video tapes). Using our extensive DUI training and experience, we review the prosecution’s information to find any weaknesses or deficiencies to use in our client’s favor including:

  • Whether you were illegally stopped for DUI
  • Whether you were illegally questioned regarding drinking alcohol
  • Whether you were illegally required to submit to Field Sobriety Tests
  • Whether proper procedures were followed if you were involved in a crash
  • Whether you were advised of your Rights
  • Whether you or your vehicle were illegally searched for alcohol or drugs
  • Whether you were illegally arrested for DUI
  • Whether law enforcement improperly administered the Breath Test
  • Whether law enforcement followed proper procedures if you refused the Breath Test
  • Whether law enforcement used a Video to tape any part of your DUI investigation

Once we have reviewed your specific arrest information and identified any illegal or unauthorized police conduct, Tilden Law prepares and files pre-trial motions designed to eliminate or prevent the prosecution from using it against you. By weakening the prosecution’s case, the likelihood of a more favorable resolution of your DUI increases.
If you chose to appear in court without an attorney and enter a plea, you will face severe consequences. Florida DUI laws and their associated penalties change each year. Listed below are the current 2009 Florida 1st offense DUI sentence and penalty outline.

1st DUI Conviction:

  • Adjudication of Guilt on your permanent criminal record
  • Fine amount not less than $500, or more than $100. With a Blood/Breath Alcohol Level (BAL) of .15 or higher or minor in the vehicle: Not less than $1,000, or greater than $2,000.
  • Mandatory 50 hours of community service or additional fine of $10 for each hour of community service required.
  • Supervised Probation period of 1 year.
  • Jail/incarceration up to 6 months; 9 months if Breath Test reading over .15%; 1 year if the DUI resulted in an accident or crash. At court’s discretion, jail/incarceration sentencing terms may be served in a residential alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program.
  • 10 day vehicle impoundment or immobilization
  • Financial Restitution if DUI involves an accident, property damage or personal injury
  • Driver license suspension/revocation for up to 1 year
  • Attend and complete appropriate level DUI School along with any prescribed treatment based upon school evaluation.
  • Attend and complete the Victim Awareness program.

Result Oriented DUI Representation

It takes years of specialized DUI training and Administrative hearing practice to properly represent the rights of a client arrested for DUI and facing a driver license suspension. Attorney N. Fleetwood Tilden is in his 15th year of criminal DUI practice and is a former Central Florida DUI Prosecutor and has handled over 1,000 criminal DUI cases in local courts.
Regardless of whether this is your first criminal charge for DUI or if you have been accused and prosecuted for Driving Under the Influence in the past, our defense strategy is to focused on achieving results and ultimately a dismissal or reduction of your case.

Please Contact Tilden Law today for a free case evaluation to see how we can help beat or reduce your DUI charge.